My Arts Story: Kate Tobey

I’m a lifelong musician and creative producer. I’ve told stories through music, videos or words for most of my life’s work. I grew up right here in Greensboro playing violin and singing, so music and art have always been a huge part of my life. Music is where I find meaning and purpose and connection – It really feels vital in my life. My bandmate put it beautifully to me once: “When you’re making music or art, you can’t ignore your soul.” I’m in a band called The Queen Bees with my music sisters, Molly McGinn and Quilla, and I recently started playing with the Carri Smithey Band. It’s a dream to get to write, make and play music with some of the most wonderful people and musicians, at the most wonderful venues in town.

I’m also a mom and I love watching my three kids express themselves creatively – One is really into writing music and playing piano, one is the world’s most fabulous crafter, and one will dance for hours at a festival or live concert. They also make great Queen Bees roadies and bring a LOT of energy to the merch table.

I’m on The ACGG board, which is a talented, passionate bunch who care about the arts. I love that they make space for all different kinds of perspectives, including more and more the ones of local working artists. That genuine connection is so key to making changes and figuring out ways to support all the special people and things going on in our music and arts community.

What’s happening with the Queen Bees:

  • Summer Solstice Festival 7-8pm
  • NC Folk Festival Sept 2024
  • EP out now: Queen Bees Live at the Flat Iron
  • New album coming this fall!