My Arts Story: Katherine Mooring

Consultant and Partner with The ACGG’s New Creative Investment

Growing up surrounded by a family deeply rooted in the arts, I learned early on the profound impact creativity can have on our lives. With parents and grandparents in the creative space vocationally, arts were more than just a passion—they were a part of my DNA.

In college, I found myself drawn to studying history with a focus on public engagement. Post-graduation led me to roles in philanthropy and marketing at the Atlanta History Center, where I witnessed firsthand the transformative power of strategic support for cultural institutions. I later received my Master’s degree in Marketing/Communications and then spent 19 years with the Arts & Science Council (ASC) in Charlotte, NC, recognizing the role of impactful arts councils in our region’s creative ecosystem. At ASC, I oversaw investments in arts organizations, artists, PreK-12 education programs, public art, planning, capacity building and other community-based programs, and expanded avenues for connecting members of the community to deepen their engagement with nonprofit organizations through volunteerism, pro bono service and board leadership.

I had been aware of The Arts Council of Greater Greensboro (The ACGG) for some time before being invited to lend my expertise as a consultant as they developed the sustainability cohort structure for arts organizations as part of the New Creative Investment. The ACGG’s dedication to building a sustainable arts community resonated deeply with me, particularly in light of the challenges posed by the pandemic. Most people, when they think of “support” from an arts council, assume a cash transaction. However, the role of supporting an arts community runs deeper than that.

Funding is critical, but meaningful capacity building and creating spaces for collaboration are both necessary and complementary acts of service.

Through the work with the sustainability cohorts for organizations in Guilford County, I’ve seen the tangible impact of collaboration and strategic investment. By fostering a sense of community and collaboration, we can create lasting change in the arts ecosystem, and by investing in the creative community, we can support organizations of all sizes to become better prepared, more nimble and responsive to changing philanthropy trends, audience engagement patterns, operating practices and much more. The Arts Council of Greater Greensboro is equipping arts organizations with the tools they need to weather future storms and thrive for years to come.