My Arts Story: Kim Martin

Supporter of The ACGG

Growing up in a large family as one of five kids, I was surrounded by a strong sense of community and togetherness. My mother was an artist, and this probably formed my perspective on the importance of being exposed to beauty and art from a young age. I have lived in North Carolina most of my life, attending the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill where I met my husband. Shortly after graduation, we moved back to Greensboro, where we already had family roots.

I love being in Greensboro. It’s an easy place to get involved in whatever is meaningful to you – Big enough to offer diversity in activities and interests but small enough that you can make an impact. On a personal level, I love the unique opportunity here to help shape things within a supportive community. As the Board Chair of Greensboro Downtown Parks, Inc., I’ve had the privilege of serving in a community leader role. I have three young kids, and there are so many incredible creative resources for families in and around Greensboro. The convenience and accessibility of kids’ programs in dance, music, and visual arts allow young people to be creative and discover their own modes of expression.

My connection to the arts runs deep, thanks to my mother. I grew up watching her paint furniture and create abstract paintings. She was self-taught, and I loved getting to witness her process, from gridding out a canvas to layering colors.

She has an incredible eye for color and dimension, and this early exposure gave me a profound respect for the complexity and beauty of art. Though I may not be an artist myself, I carry a deep admiration for those who create. Though I may not be an artist myself, I carry a deep admiration for those who create. 

Today, I serve on The Arts Council of Greater Greensboro’s Annual ArtsFund Council. I got involved with The ACGG because of a letter in the mail. After making a small donation and receiving a thank-you note, I started to learn more about the incredible work The ACGG does. I realized that many of the programs my family enjoyed, such as GreenHill, ArtQuest, and the Art Alliance, were supported by The ACGG – as were many organizations that we weren’t yet familiar with. As a one-stop-shop for investing in our arts community, it became clear how important it was to support The ACGG to ensure that our arts organizations remain sustainable and continue to enrich our community.

Supporting The ACGG is my way of investing in a community I love but also that I hope my kids will continue to love. By supporting The ACGG, we ensure that invaluable programs and organizations continue to thrive, making Greensboro a vibrant and inclusive place to live.