My Arts Story: Tumaini Johnson

Videographer at The ACGG

As a lifelong student of art and technology, I’ve always sought ways to express my creativity. From a young age, I’ve been fascinated by computers and electronics, constantly exploring, experimenting, and pushing the boundaries of my imagination. My work spans various disciplines, from writing poetry at 13 to DJing at 15, producing electronic music at 18, and creating videos in my twenties. This multidisciplinary experience has not only fueled my art, but also presented entrepreneurial opportunities, from selling beats to DJing events to freelancing as a videographer, editor, and producer after graduating from UNCG’s Media Studies program in 2018.

Iā€™m dedicated to creating, and I aspire to present meaningful art that makes an impact. Truth, beauty and professionalism are the core values that drive my work. Mindful of my audience, I aim to create connections through my art, whether it’s making people dance, laugh, learn, or reflect.

One thing that I am particularly passionate about is nurturing the next generation of artists who will shape our future narratives. I’m actively involved in inspiring young people to discover their creative potential through initiatives like Tab Arts Film Camp, where I teach filmmaking, and my Beat Academy.

I’m continually engaged in stimulating projects and always seeking new ways, works, people and stories to be inspired by. My deep connection to the arts is primarily through filmmaking, a medium where many artforms can come together to create a community where creative ideas and imaginative stories can be told. Since my introduction to filmmaking in 2010 through Greensboro’s 48 Hour Film Project, I’ve been drawn to its potential for storytelling through screenwriting, cinematography, and editing.

Currently, I collaborate with The ACGG to produce videos that inform, educate, and inspire the arts community. These videos help bring more awareness to the wonderful work The ACGG is doing with the many artists and organizations they support. Working with The ACGG has opened many doors for me, they have inspired new projects and connected me with some talented artists and great arts organizations to collaborate with. I believe a strong arts community opens so many doors. I am so very honored and grateful to be working with The ACGG as I am in alignment with their mission to make Greater Greensboro a viable and thriving arts community.