The Arts Council of Greater Greensboro Announces 2024 Community Elevation Grantees

Highlighting the Warnersville neighborhood, The Arts Council of Greater Greensboro (The ACGG) is proud to introduce the recipients of the 2024 Community Elevation Grants (CEG). This marks the continuation of a collaborative effort where the unique history and cultural richness of East Greensboro become the driving force for positive change.

This year, the grant committee has carefully selected qualified recipients: African American Atelier, Creative Aging Network-NC, Gant School of Music, Shared Radiance, and TAB Arts Center, all dedicated to engaging and empowering the vibrant Warnersville neighborhood. Each project is set to be completed by the summer of 2024.

The Community Elevation Grant Program is designed to cultivate community engagement and foster creative collaborations among community members, local artists, and arts organizations. Through the innovative use of creative tools, our grantees will drive community outcomes that resonate with the citizens of Warnersville.

Lia Miller, Director of Creative Aging Network-NC and a 2024 Community Elevation Grantee, captures the essence of their upcoming project:

“We are so excited to be creating a heritage cookbook with members of the Warnersville Community. Incorporating history and photos, our hope is the cookbook will encourage intergenerational connections, skill-sharing, and the preservation of cultural traditions while honoring the elders and families who contribute to it. Sales of the finished cookbook will begin in late spring with funds supporting the community itself”.

Jamilla Pinder, Director of Equity & Community Engagement at Cone Health Foundation and board member at The ACGG comments, 

“The impact of the CEG in the Warnersville community is an investment in the soul of the community. Through this grant, we will be able to honor and illuminate the rich history of this vibrant neighborhood, while also capturing its potential for the future.”

The Arts Council of Greater Greensboro champions creativity in all its forms. The selected projects encompass a diverse range of art-based initiatives, including a community heritage cookbook, an ancestral garden and sculpture, artistic workshops, a drumline assembly, and a film capturing community oral history.

To celebrate these projects, a launch party will be hosted for Warnersville residents on February 17, 2024, from 3:00-5:00 pm at the Warnersville Recreation Center. This event is an opportunity for those interested to learn more about the projects and is graciously hosted by AARP Triad Region.

As the 2024 CEG grantees move forward, side by side with the community, we are excited about the shared vision for a more vibrant and interconnected East Greensboro, co-created by the residents who call it home.

For further information, please contact The Arts Council of Greater Greensboro’s Grants Coordinator, Deb Ruffino, at (336) 279-7081 or via email at

The Community Elevation Grant Program is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts