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*as of June 24, 2021

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Duke Energy Foundation • Hillsdale Fund, Inc. • Lerner Family Foundation • The VF Foundation


Allen Tate Realtors • Greensboro Downtown Residents’ Association • Hagan Family Fund • LoNano Financial Advisors Inc. • Mary Lynn Richardson Fund • M.G. Newell Corporation • The Mildred Block Levin Family Philanthropic Fund • Pinnacle • Rotary Club of Greensboro • Well-Spring Retirement Community


AmazonSmile Foundation • The Artist Bloc • Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc. • The Bass Violin Shop • Community Theatre of Greensboro • The Dillard Fund • Guilford College Art Appreciation Club • The Griffin Endowment • Hanes Lineberry Funeral Homes • International Business Machines • JustGive • Moore Music Company • Network for Good • Replacements, Ltd.

Individual Support

Leadership Circle $5000+

Anonymous • Frances and Frank Bullock • Mrs. Barbara S. Cone • Betty and Ben Cone, Jr. • Candace and Roger Cummings • Sheila and David Groves • Mrs. Barbara C. Kretzer*

Arts Patron $1,000 – $4,999

Anonymous • Mrs. Russellene J. Angel • Mr. and Mrs. Carl C. Ashby III • Mrs. Alyce and Mr. Nick Barrett • Doris R. Bray • Kenneth L. Caneva • Linda and Jim Carlisle • Madison Carroll • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Cone • Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Craft • Pat and Pete Cross • Mr. Ryan Deal and Mr. John Leonard  • Nancy M. Doll • Janis and Andy Fields • J and F Gilliam • Mr. Charles T. Hagan III • Mrs. Anne and Mr. Sam D. Hummel •  Lou Bouvier and Denny Kelly • Karen Kenefick-Massand • Don Kopriva • Rich and Mandy Lerner • Ms. Mimi Levin •  Fran and Tom Lyons • J. Reid Marks Jr. • Mr. and Mrs. Jim Melvin • Rodney Ouzts and Massimo Fantechi • Mrs. Barbara and Mr. Dale Phipps • Nancy Radtke and Robert Brown • Mr. and Mrs. F. Clark Raney • Linda Hiatt and Peter A. Reichard • Ms. Barbara C. Ruby • Dabney and Walker Sanders • Lynda N. Simmons • Tamara and Jim Slaughter • Kay Stern • Mrs. Laura and Mr. Christopher Tew • Ms. Frances Ward-Johnson • Mrs. Sarah D. Warmath • Laura Way • Katherine and Mike Weaver • Jill and Thomas L. White • Judy and Len White • Lauren and David Worth

Arts Advocate $250 – $999

Anonymous • Rose and Victor Ackermann • Helen and John Alford • Dr. Roy M. Arkin • Mrs. Alexa S. Aycock • Mrs. Caroline and Mr. James B. Barber • Dr. Kate R. Barrett • Nancy and Tom Beard • Mr. and Mrs. William P. Benjamin • Catena Bergevin and Anthony Tedesco • Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Berkelhammer • Cammie and David Berrier • Ms. Elizabeth L. Blackwell • Nancy and David Bray • Dora and Bruce Brodie • Mrs. Suejette and Mr. David Brown • Rebecca and Charles Buffington • Betsy and Watts Carr • Mr. Xavier Carrington • Mr. Waban Carter • Melissa and David Carter • Anne-Barton and Robert Carter • Linda and Bill Cary • Louann A. Clarke • Clem and Hayes Clement • Sally B. Cone • Peggy and Brian Cook • Jean and Doug Copeland •  Mrs. Janet and Mr. David Craft • Ms. Leslie P. Daisy • Pam and Alan Duncan • Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Fetzer • Ellen and Gary Fischer • Mrs. Peggy and Mr. Marion Follin* • Mr. and Mrs. W. Erwin Fuller •  Jr. • Mrs. Florence Fraser Gatten •  Robin and David Gitlin • Sandra and Erwin Goldman •  Jean and Gary Goodman • Ms. Hannah Grannemann and Mr. Joseph Florence • Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Gumbiner • John C. Hagan • Mrs. Berkeley H. Harris • Ms. Sharon Harris • Wanda and Henry Harwell • Nancy Hoffmann • Morgan and Jack Horner •  Sara and George House • Judy and Steve James • Mr. Timothy J. Johnson • Joyce A. Jones • Meg and Ricky Kaplan • Ginger and Ken Karb • Harriette and Bob Knox • Amy and Fritz Kreimer • Jean and Art Kriner • Gail and Gene LeBauer • Dr. and Mrs. Samuel M. LeBauer • Mr. Brandon Leebrick • Bill and Carter Leinster • Mrs. Carol and Mr. Seymour Levin* • Mrs. Catherine K. Levinson • Dr. Timothy Lindeman and Dr. Nancy Walker • Ms. Grey W. Lineweaver • Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Lineweaver • Mary and Paul Livingston • Ashley Madden • Mary and Gustav Magrinat • Dr.  Jean E. and Mr. John Malone • Kim and John Martin • Judy and Dan McGinn • Sandra O’Connor • Juliana K. Olin • Bill and Cissy Parham • Mrs. Alice and Mr. Woody Pearce •  Martha and Rob Peddrick • Ms. Laura E. Pollak-Petrinitz • Ms. Erica Procton • Eleanor M. Procton • Kathryn Ramsay • Pat and Jim Reittinger • Jane and Royce Reynolds • Debbie and Mark Robinson • Marnie and Jerry Ruskin • Mr. and Mrs. Stevan E. Mosh • Ms. Margery Knott and Mr. Crispin Schamp  • Susan and Jerry Schwartz • Donna and Mark Shapiro • Mrs. Sally and Mr. John R. Sherrill Jr. •  Kendra and Michael Sherrill •  Susan and John Small • Pam and David Sprinkle • Ms. Paula Jean Stober • Kimberly and John Strong • Martha and Tom Stukes • Denise Sumner • Sharen and Greg Thompson • Martha Thompson • Mrs. Nancy and Mr. Bob Thurston • Robin and Paul Timmins •  Jeanne and Mike Twilley • Sandra and Chuck Wallington • Ms. Jackie Wilson • Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Younce

Arts Champion $1 – $249

Anonymous • Clare and Mike Abel • Ms. Caroline Adamic • Dr. Kathrynn A. Adams and Dr. Robert P. Doolittle • Ms. Mary Alexander • Ahmet Aliefendic • Dr. Jill Y. Amidon-Strickland and Bud Strickland • Linda and Gary Anderson • Ms. Angela Anderson • Dr.  James A. Anderson • Ms. Betty R. Angel • Ms. Caren Appel • Margaret B. Arbuckle • Ms. Jean L. Archer • Ms. Susan Bagley • Analise Bahneman • Geissler G. Baker • Darlene Barger • Marilynn Barr • Mrs. Alyce Barrett • Debbie and Paul Barry • Margaret Gertrude Beal • Jane and Joe Beatty • Mrs. Anne M. Beavan • Jan and Andy Beckham • Ms. Adriana Benitez • Mr. and Mrs. Richmond G. Bernhardt Jr. • Ms. Juliette Bianco • Joyce Black • Barbara and Dave Blackman • Chelsea Block • Ms. Fran Bogal •  Susan and Ralt Bohn •  Fran and Steve Bombart • Linda Branch • Mrs. Lee B. Britt • Mrs. Louise and Mr. Wade Britt • Mr. J. Allen Broach • Mr. and Mrs. Chester H. Brown Jr. • Mr. William T. Brown Jr. • Mary Lois Brugler • Lois and Charlie Brummitt • Mrs. Joan Bryan • Cherl Buehler and Rick Tunkel • Kellie and Noah Burgess • Ms. Carolyn E. Burke • Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Burns • Eliza Burton • Dr. Roberto E. Campo • Ms. Teresa Carey • Ms. Myrna Carlock • Hodges and Joe Carroll • Dr. Gregory Carroll • William P. Carroll • Kathrine Carruthers • Dr. and Mrs. Philips J. Carter • Ms. Pamela Cash • Ms. Leigh Caudle • Debbie Champagne • Dr. and Mrs. John E. Chandler III • Ms. Diane Chase  • Mrs. Robin L. Chatham and Mr. Rusty P. Chatham • Mrs. Charlotte H. Chatlain • Ms. Destiny Christa • Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Clapp • Ms. Angelica Clark • Lynne and Gerald Clawson • Ms. Sue A. Cole • Mrs. Yashekia Coleman • Mr. Stephen Colyer • Mr. Mark Q. Connolly • Mary Lee Wood Copeland • Edward F. Cordick Jr. • Ms. Sheree Crane • Bill Crowder and Joe Hoesl • Mr. R. Lee Cummings • Carolyn Chappell and Larry Czarda • Sharon Dalton • Mr. and Mrs. J. Patrick Danahy • Mrs. Anne and Mr. TG Daniel, Jr.  • Ms. Julia Davis • Ms. Kelly Dettinger • Sherry Dickstein and Kurt Lauenstein • Cindy and Vincent DiMattia • Ms. Jeri K. D’Lugin • Abby and Jim Donnelly • Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Doolan • Kay Doost • Ms. Jada Monica Drew • Mr. and Mrs. John E. Dubel Jr. • Mrs. Chandel and Mr. David Dundee • Ruth and Harry Edgren • Devon Edmonson • The Honorable and Mrs. Robert H. Edmunds Jr. • Mr. Tom Ehlers • Ms. Diane Falkowitz • Ms. Marnie Fenley • Ms. Linda Smith Fields and Mr. Ralph D. Wenger • Mr. and Mrs. Ray A. Fisher • Ms. Dina Fletcher • Ms. Rhyan Forman • Brenda and Lee Frazer • Roz and Jevon Fulton • Ms. Jane L. Gallimore • Mrs. Martha Joe P. Gelzer • Ms. Bevin Giordano • Mrs. Patricia and Mr. Moses Goldberg • Mrs. Lauren and Mr. Miles Gordon • Mr. Carson H. Grantham Jr. • Mr. Brian V. Gray • Joy M. Greco • Sandra and Kenny Greene • Dr. Joan Gregory • Mrs. Ginger and Mr. Haynes Griffin • Mrs. Jennifer and Mr. Michael J. Griffin • Ms. Amanda Grigg • Gene Grubb • Eresterine and Elvord Guidry • Victoria Gutherie • Harriet and Rob Hadgraft • Ms. Molly Haile •  Mrs. Beth and Mr. David Hair • Mr. Daniel Hale • Teri W. Hammer • Ms. Christine Hanichak • Ms. Mary C. Hapner • Duilla I. Harkins • Carolyn and Tom Harmon •  Betsy and Jack Harrington • Ms. Lalenja G. Harrington • Jane Harris • Ms. Candace Harrison • Ms. Kassandra Hart • Ms. Tekita Hassan • The Honorable and Mrs. A. Robinson Hassell • Ms. Sarah Healy • Ms. Sarah Hemphill • Emily and Harvey Herman • Benjamin D. Hickerson • Mary and Bill Hickling • Carolyn and Ed Hines • David B. Holley • Marie Hopper • Betsey and David Horth • Mrs. Marion and Mr. Gary Hosey • Ms. Kathie Huff • Karla and Don Hughes • Ms. Sara K. Humphries • Robin Hunt • Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Hunter Jr. • Judith Hyman and Dick Rosen • Dr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Hyman • Mrs. Ellen and Mr. Jim Ingraham • Lakshmi S. Iyer • Ms. Kristy Jackson • Ms. Carey Jackson-Adams • Mrs. and Mr. Susan J. Jezorek • Ms. Yvonne J. Johnson • Julee Johnson • Beverly and Alan Johnson • Betsy Johnson • Nancy and Joe Johnson • Afi S. Johnson-Parris • Mrs. Sharon O. Johnston • Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm F. Jones Jr. • Ms. Neala Jones • Mrs. Dawn and Mr. David Kane • Eileen and Jim Kane • Ms. Judith E. Kastner • Dr. Jeffrey D. Katz and Ms. Ila Rosenthal • Rev. Chesley Kennedy and Mr. John C. Overfield • Dr. Laurie M. Kennedy-Malone

Arts Champion $1 – $249 (continued)

Kim Ketchum • Deborah and Marc Kintzing • Ms. Rebecca Klossner • Ms. Heather Krantz • Robin and Tim Lane • Ms. Kathryn Larson and Ms. Laura Coffee • Mr. and Mrs. William E. Latture • Jane Law • Denver and Laura Lennon • Ginny and Mike Leone • Dr. Tony LeTrent-Jones • Mrs. Patricia and Dr. Peter M. Levitin • Betty F. Lewis • Ms. Janet Lilly • Mr. William T. Linton Jr. • Avery and David Lloyd • Mr. and Mrs. James A. Long Jr. • Ms. Susan L. Lowe • MaryAnn Luedtke • Mr. and Mrs. David F. MacInnes Jr. • Janice Smack Mack • Dr. Rebecca and Mr. Scott MacLeod • Mr. Robert Madtes • Ms. Susan Magas • Ms. Catherine Mara • Ms. Beverly Marler • Susan and Jerry Marlowe • Mr. Marty Marshall • Carolyn Martin • Johanna Martin • Mr. Kelly Martin • Peggy A. Matier • Bonnie and Dan McAlister • Ms. Jane McCallum • Nasha McCray • Eleanor and Donald McCrickard • Ms. Mia McDonald  • Ms. Corliss McGinty • Mr. David McGraw • Mrs. Mary and Mr. Robert McIver • Mr. Drew McNaughton • June McNeil • Jerry Meisner and Harol Hoffman • Lois and Howard Mezer • Melissa Michos • Nancy and Gary Miller • Mr. and Mrs. Everette E. Mills III • Ms. Becky B. Mills • Mr. Scott Milman • Louise and Stephen Monroe • Agnes and David Moore II • Nancy and Alexander Moore • Anne Morris • Kathy and Stephen Morton • Molly Mullin • Dr. and Mrs. Donald S. Murinson • Mr. and Mrs. Dan Murray • Mrs. and Mr. Lynn H. Noecker • Mona O’Bryant • Mr. Jeffrey E. Oleynik • Beth Barr and Frank Orthel • Ms. Elaine T. Ostrowski • Mr. Taylor G. Owens Jr. • Ms. Ingrid Padilla Espinosa • Ms. Caroline Panzer • April and David Parker • Mr. and Mrs. Seldon E. Patty • Mrs. Jane and Edwin Pearce • Ms. Kristin Peek • Mr. Phil Petros • Edith M. Phillips • Paula Pierce • Kelly Pierson • Ms. Rachel D. Cowder • David Pleasants • Ms. Patricia Plunkett • Nan and Roger Poplin • Caroline and Brian Post Dewyer • Mrs. and Mr. Agnes Preston-Brame • Mr. and Mrs. James W. Provo • Mr. Larry D. Pulliam • Ms. Sherri S. Raeford • James Raleigh  Jr. • Chaunte Rankin • Mr. and Mrs. John A. Redhead III • Mr. Gary C. Rich • Nolan Roach • Dr. and Mrs. Harrell B. Roberts • Kitty and George Robison • Melanie H. Rodenbough • Mrs. Sherry and Mr. Thomas Rogowski • Kathy Rooney • Mrs. Betty C. Roth • Camilla Ruffin • Ms. Debra Ruffino • Mr. and Mrs. David W. Rule • Cindy Lee Sarwi • Ms. Susan Sassmann • Dr. Jennifer C. Schaal and Dr. Fred H. Wilson • Sandra Schiffley • Dr. and Mrs. Ernest L. Schiller • Mrs. Brenda Schleunes • Patricia E. Schweninger • Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Sevier • Jeff Shafer • Barbara Shanks • Mrs. Phyllis Shavitz • Tracy Shaw • Juanita Sheppard • Mrs. Mary Ellen Shiflett • Mrs. Joyce and Mr. Bob Shuman • Amy Siller • Judy and Irwin Smallwood • Mr. Norman B. Smith • Ms. Loree Smith • Mr. Andrew Spainhour • Ms. Jenny Spivey • Ms. Michiko Stavert • Ms. Caitlin Stay • Mr. Daniel J. Stein • Mr. Tommy R. Stewart Jr. • Dr. Alice C. Stewart • Cheryl C. Stewart • Paula Stober and Willard Bucklen • Dale and Lawrence Stoehr • Robert Stoesen • Mr. and Mrs. Doug M. Stone • Mrs. Sara K. Sullivan • Evelyn Smith and Steve Sumerford • Sheri and Ed Summerell • Mr. Frank Sutherland • Joseph Svitak, Jr. • Kelly Swindell • Mrs. Peggy R. Tager • Dr. Willie L. Taylor •  Mrs. Barbara and Mr. Stuart Teichman • Shirley and Kenneth Trager •  Carole and Ray Treadway • Kim K. Trone • Mrs. and Mr. Kay R. Trout • Jody and Mike Troxler • Mrs. Kathryn and Mrs. Christopher Troxler • Mrs. Ruthie and Mr. Alan Tutterow • Mary Ann and Patrick Uehlein • Jamilla Upchurch • Ms. Connie Usry •  Sylvia and Richard Vanore • Rhonda and Stuart Vaughan • Sara and Eddie Vaughn • Sandy and Pat Vreeland •  Lynda and George Waldrep • Fred Wallace • Mrs. Carolyn and Mr. Stewart Walmsley • Terry L. and Joe Ann Weatherford • Dr. Robert A. Wells • Brian D. Wenger • Ms. Larice White •  Courtney and Richard Whittington • Nicholas Daniel Wiley • Victoria Wiley • Mr. Joseph A. Wilkerson III • Mr. Richard Williams • Ms. Camille Williams • Kathleen and Glenn Williamson • Rebecca and Eric Willie • Ms. Mary Willingham • Dr. Andrew S. Willis • Sheila Willis • Betty Wilson • Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Winslow III • Mary and Art Winstead • Ms. Marcia G. Woodward • Laura Worst and Robert Bracey • Sarah and Tom Wright • Mrs. Judie F. Wright • Mr. Michael Wright • Dr. David L. Wyrick • Ms. Chandra Young

The Reentry and Reinvent Campaign

Corporate, Foundation, & Government Support

Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc. • Duke Energy Foundation • The Edward M. Armfield, Sr. Foundation • Guilford County • Guilford Merchants Association / FirstPoint • Hagan Family Fund • Hillsdale Fund, Inc. • Joseph M. Bryan Foundation of Greater Greensboro, Inc. • Piedmont Natural Gas – Duke Energy Foundation • Proctor & Gamble Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation • Rotary Club of Greensboro • State of North Carolina

Individual Support

Anonymous • Margaret B. Arbuckle • Dr. Roy M. Arkin • Mrs. Alexa S. Aycock • Mr. and Mrs. James B. Barber • Catena Bergevin and Anthony Tedesco • Chelsea Block • Mrs. Tara and Mr. Ford Bowers • Rebecca and Charles Buffington • Linda and Jim Carlisle • Melissa and David Carter • Ms. Sue A. Cole • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Cone • Mr. R. Lee Cummings • Mary and Thomas Espinola • Ms. Linda Smith Fields and Mr. Ralph D. Wenger • Sunny Gravely • Roz and Jevon Fulton • Sheila and David Groves • Mr. Charles T. Hagan III • Janis Hammett • Carolyn and Tom Harmon • Betsy and Jack Harrington • The Honorable and Mrs. A. Robinson Hassell • Mrs. Jacqueline Humphrey • Judith Hyman and Dick Rosen • Emily and David Johnston • Mrs. Dawn and Mr. David Kane • Lou Bouvier and Denny Kelly  • Mrs. Doris Egerton Kiser • Jean and Art Kriner • Mr. and Mrs. James A. Long Jr. • Ashley Madden • Amanda Mayes • Lyn McCoy • Debby and Ken Miller • Sandra O’Connor • Rodney Ouzts and Massimo Fantechi • Marty Overman • Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd J. Peterson • Mrs. and Mr. Agnes Preston-Brame • Ms. Nancy Radtke and Mr. Robert Brown • James Raleigh  Jr. • Chaunte Rankin •  Linda Hiatt and Peter A. Reichard  • Mrs. Susan Ridenour • Dabney and Walker Sanders • Mr. and Mrs. Stevan E. Mosh • Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Sevier • Mrs. and Dr. Martha Shafer • Tracy Shaw • Tamara and Jim Slaughter • Robert Stoesen • Kimberly and John Strong • Betty G. Stubbins • Joseph Svitak, Jr. • Ellen and Gary Taft • Dr. Sigmund and Ellen Tannenbaum •  Sharen and Greg Thompson • Nancy and Bob Thurston • Kate Tobey •  Jeanne and Mike Twilley • Sara and Eddie Vaughn • Sandy and Pat Vreeland • Ms. Frances Ward-Johnson • Laura Way • Mr. Joseph A. Wilkerson III • Rebecca and Eric Willie • Mary and Art Winstead

2021 Artist Relief Fund

Anonymous  • Lincoln Financial Group • State of North Carolina • Whole Foods Market • Dr. Kathrynn A. Adams and Dr. Robert P. Doolittle • Mr. Anthony Bengel • Kevin Boyle • Linda and Gerry Chapman • Joesph Compton • Sally B. Cone • Ellen and Gary Fischer • Katy and David Grapey • Chris and Ken Gumbiner • Ann Hass • Janet Hendley • Don Henza • Nancy Hoffmann • Jo E. Huddleston • Mrs. Dawn and Mr. David Kane • Alvin Keyes • Bruce Kirchoff • Ms. Janet Lilly • Amanda Loflin • Rebecca and Scott • Ashley Madden • Lou McMillion • Louis F. Milano • Ms. Rebecca Miles • Barbara R. Morgenstern • Beth Barr and Frank Orthel • Rodney Ouzts and Massimo Fantechi • Alexander Raines • Betty and Jim Rissmiller •  Kendra and Michael Sherrill • Ms. Michiko Stavert • Ronald Tucceri

2021 Restricted Program

City of Greensboro • Joseph M. Bryan Foundation of Greater Greensboro, Inc. • National Endowment of the Arts • State of North Carolina

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Brooks Pierce • City of Greensboro • Greensboro News and Record • Leeper Kean & Rumley LLP • Piedmont Direct Mail

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