Professional Development Hub for Creatives

Are you ready to take the next step in your creative practice?

As an artist and creative, you are a small business. This hub is for you if you are:

  • Contemplating the idea of launching your own creative business.
  • Already on your entrepreneurial journey and seeking guidance for your next steps.
  • Experiencing success with your established business and aiming to scale it even further

How It Works

The Professional Development Hub for Creatives welcomes individuals in Guilford County with an entrepreneurial mindset. Beginning in March 2024, selected participants can access free, small business workshops and lectures through programs developed in partnership with local organizations committed to educating and empowering entrepreneurs.

Step One:

To be considered for the program, the first step is completing our online survey. This assessment is designed to assist you in career development. Please be thoughtful, complete, and frank about where you are in your professional development continuum and what you want to achieve.

Step Two:

After our professional staff reviews your online survey assessment, we will reach out to discuss the educational opportunities that best fit your current needs. During our conversation, this is an opportunity for you to talk about your aspirations, readiness, and ability to commit the time necessary to grow. 

Our Partners

SCORE: The Business of Running a Not-for-Profit – For Creatives

Attend SCORE’s four 1.5-hour lectures. Whether you’re contemplating launching a nonprofit or not, these sessions promise to be enlightening, covering fundamental principles applicable to any business, whether nonprofit or for-profit.

Choose from topics covering vital areas such as setting up your business (LLC, Sole Proprietorship, etc.), effective marketing and sales strategies, financial record management, and guidance on finding funding. These modular lectures allow you to sign up for one or all, based on your specific needs. Attend in person and gain actionable insights from industry experts.

Method of Delivery: In-person.

Small Business Center: Foundation for Success

Participate in this three-session workshop, designed for intimate cohorts of up to 5 creatives. Led by the Small Business Center, this workshop focuses on foundational business knowledge. Each session combines 45 minutes of expert instruction with a dedicated question-and-answer segment. Expect to complete homework assignments to progress to the next workshop, solidifying your understanding and application of key concepts.

Method of Delivery: In-person.

Triangle ArtWorks: Arts Entrepreneurship Intensive

The Arts Entrepreneurship Intensive with Triangle ArtWorks is taught by artists and educators with experience in retail and wholesale markets. This six-session intensive will delve into topics such as creating smart business goals, crafting compelling artist bios, mastering pricing strategies, developing sales documents, conducting market research, understanding business structures, and managing cash flow. Triangle ArtWorks will tailor the experience to your needs, incorporating insights from initial interviews and dynamic course discussions. Participants will benefit from personalized mentoring throughout the program, ensuring your growth and success.

Method of Delivery: Synchronous via Zoom.

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