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Eugene Grubb • Ms. Victoria Gutherie • Mr. Peter Guthmann • David Hair and Elizabeth Hair • David and Teri Hammer • Dr. George and Mrs. Charlyne Hanna • Jonathan and Nahomi Harkavy • Barry Harrell • A. Robinson and Eloise Hassell • S. Edward Hines Jr. and Carolyn Hines • Sam and Anne Hummel • Ms. Kristen T. Jackson • James and Christie Burns • Ms. Julee Johnson • Dr. Deborah E. Jones • Julie and Travis Finn • Sharon and Barry Kaiser • Dawn and David Kane • Mr. and Mrs. Kevin and Kristine Kattmann • Dr. Jeffrey D. Katz and Dr. Ila Rosenthal • Robert O. Klepfer Jr. and Joretta Klepfer • Ms. Kimberly Kossover • Ajay and Madhu Kumar • Dr. Tony G. LeTrent-Jones and Mr. Alfred Jones • Betty and Owen Lewis • Avery and William Lloyd • Mark and Molly Harbaugh • Ms. N. Carolyn P. Martin • Lindsay Morgan and Joe Rieke • Dr. and Dr. Donald and Cindy Murinson • Emily Nunn • Michael Orlando • Ms. Elaine T. Ostrowski • Mr. Taylor G. Owens Jr. • Ms. Caroline Panzer • Thomas and Karen Philion • Miriam Pines • Mr. and Mrs. Roger and Nan Poplin • Agnes Preston-Brame and Gary Brame • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Sherry Rogowski • Chris E. Roulhac • Ms. Camilla Ruffin • Dr. and Mrs. Jerome and Marnie Ruskin • Mrs. Stephanie Scott • Ms. Susan Shelmerdine • Joyce and Robert Shuman • Mr. Charles D. Simpson • Mr. Mitchel E. Sommers • Dale and Lawrence Stoehr • Mrs. Alma Stokes • Stephanie Strandberg • Mrs. Betty G. Stubbins • Robert and Sheri Summerell • Pat and Arthur Vreeland • Joseph E. Weatherly III and Mitzie Weatherly • Mr. and Mrs. Hugh and Mary Lou Williams • Kathleen and Glenn Williamson • Dr. Andrew S. Willis • Mr. Robert F. Winsor • R. Lee and Katherine Cummings • Dr. and Dr. Venkataraman and Lakshmi Iyer • Linda Lane • Ms. Sherri S. Raeford • Mrs. Barbara Davis Lambert • Dennis and Susan Manchester • Andrena Coleman • Jacqueline D. 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